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Fragile Victories

Fragile Victories

For a woman, victory seldom lies in vanquishing. Because women are different. They are, dare one say, wiser than men. Sometimes theyknow less, but they almost always have a deeper insight into life’s basic issues. Fragile Victories is a collection of 12 women-centred short stories. They detail these women’s distinctive orientations and philosophies.
Philosophies that have evolved out of a woman’s intrinsic involvement with the family and the nurturing and introspection that comes with it. They are philosophies that cover the entire spectrum of human emotion; from revenge to repentance, strength to vulnerability, optimism to bitterness, dreams to reality and victory to defeat. And in the process of arriving at these, the protagonists meander through journeys of self-discovery, sometimes stumbling upon some inner truths. Whether these women won or lost, depends on your perception. That they all come to terms with themselves, is the writer’s conviction.

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