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The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh is Gajra Kottary’s second collection of short stories about women. It is inspired by the ‘twist-in-the tail’ style of Roald Dahl, though the tales are not as macabre!

They are a delightful mix. A new bride’s fantasy, the existential frustrations of a crusader’s wife, the dilemma of a chic MBA in publicly recognising her homespun parents, an award-winning journalist who finds her campaign gone awry, a danseuse realising that a Guru must do more than just merely teach…these are some of the experiences encountered by the protagonists in these stories. There is also a Rashomon-like tale of two women comparing husbands. Plus stories of loveless marriages, noisy neighbours, the sane insane, indecisiveness and also on what could go wrong in the plans for a sex-change operation.

Written in a lucid style, the remarkable quality of the collection is the plots. As also the writing; in the seamless fusion of thoughts, self-doubts and recollections of the characters with their dilemmas. While sketching a portrait of existence in contemporary urban India, these stories showcase some of the foibles of women and delight the reader with their quaint unpredictability.
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